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Current Version


Bigger cards on iPhone 6. Graphical enhancements, bug fixing, new experienced data, some new photos.

MacOS Version

This first version was written in Pascal. Strange, but this program is here still downloadable.

Info-Mac Digest             Wed, 21 Apr 93       Volume 11 : Issue 84

Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1993 14:53:48 GMT
From: Adrian Herzog <K377212%CZHRZU1A.BITNET@Forsythe.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: [*] Gallery 3.0 (solitaire card game)

Gallery is a classical solitaire card game with following

- Comparison of your score with the result of a "non-strategy" (i.e.
  doing all legal moves in random order): Because of the great amount
  of unpredictable situations even a good player looses games (about
- Statistics: The scores are recorded and evaluated; for further
  analysis you can write them out to a text file.
- CAP: "computer aided playing" (optional). Level 1: Markers indicate
  movable cards. Level 2: Gallery does evident, unproblematic moves
  automatically for you. In most situations you have the choice from
  different movable cards (or in many situations, to wait with some moves).
  Thus, you concentrate your efforts in taking good decisions instead
  of looking for movable cards.

Changes in version 3.0: Extended CAP options, minor bug fixing,
  balloon help, preference file etc.

Gallery is free (but my children like postcards). Enjoy!

Adrian Herzog
K377212@CZHRZU1A  or

[Archived as /info-mac/game/gallery-30.hqx; 108K]
old MacOS game

MacOS Dashboard Version

The Dashboard Widget (Mac OS X) is based on the Java applet implementation.

Java Applet Version

Java Applet Version

With the decreasing support of Java for applets I had to stop the support for the Java applet version. With a little bit of luck you can start it here.